B-SUAL is a collective exhibition that shows the visual imaginary of independent and urban music culture through a selection of representative works by the designers and visual artists who participate in its creation.

The main singularity of this show is that it goes a step further, venturing into the field of the virtual world and the possibilities offered by digital art and video game engines to create an interactive and immersive virtual space, where the visitor and user can explore, in a format resembling a first-person video game, the visual universe of the pieces and artists selected in the exhibition, in a fun and innovative way, with redesigned work in 3D and explanatory videos of the processes narrated by the artists themselves.

The pieces included in the exhibition range from concert posters to record artworks, including promotional campaigns for record releases, graffiti, merchandising pieces and even a video clip.


B•SUAL is a project by Festival Cara-B.

Creative direction, curation and content development by Conjuro @unconjuro.
Art direction and technological development by Carles Castanyo @c41582028.
Cover illustration @asphhffi.
Multimedia assistance @mais.un. 3D modeling assistance @Mcardielv.


… soon available for iPhone too

Organized by:

Festival Cara·B


Ministerio de educación, cultura y deporte


Ajuntament de Barcelona
Fundació Banc Sabadell

Media partners:

Radio 3

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